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My Service Log is a hosted web application that provides data logging, management and reporting functions for structured service programs like AmeriCorps. The system has been in development by Tronics since 1999, when it began as a simple hour logging application to support the Bonner Foundation's service-learning programs. Over the years, the Bonner Web-Based Reporting System grew into a sophisticated member management, data accumulation, and reporting application. With the release of BWBRS 3.0 in 2008, Tronics licensed the software from the Bonner Foundation with the intention of bringing it to AmeriCorps grantees and service programs across the US. Tronics is committed to the continued development of the My Service Log application, and will be further expanding the scope of the software. For more information on My Service Log, please visit our Features page.

Tronics is a web hosting and application development company based in northern New Jersey. Robert Shubert, the owner and head programmer, founded Tronics in 1993 as a Macintosh VAR. Since that time, Tronics has evolved with the internet to offer its clients custom web hosting, email, application development, VOIP, and VPS services. To read more about Tronics' services, please visit our Hosting page.  

The Bonner Foundation Based in Princeton, NJ, the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation supports the Bonner Scholars Program, Bonner Leaders Program, and other initiatives that engage students and colleges at 80+ colleges and universities in improving the lives of individuals and communities while providing an "access to education and opportunity to serve." Their work strengthens student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure while promoting civic engagement, community building, diversity, international perspective, spiritual exploration, and social justice. For more on the Bonner Foundation, visit www.bonner.org.

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